Out for a short photowalk

Januari 10 2020

The weather in the southern of Sweden during the last couple of months have been terrible. There has just been rainy/cloudy and a couple of degrees warm, no snow. I have been out an a couple of photowalk despite this, I have just not been updated the blog though.

Went out on a short walk today. There has been a lot of water in the stream were i live during the last weeks. I guess it is due to the warm and rainy fall/winter we just experienced.

Usually it is possible to walk out to the trees in the middle of the picture!

I usally love taking pictures in the fall/winter. This is usally the time of the year when i am outdoors and photographing the most. This fall/winter have been terrible from this perspective. The fall colors disappeared very quickly and we haven’t had any winter yet. I cross me fingers it will come very soon. I share some documentary photos from my photowalk today.

First autumn photography

September 26 2019

Today me and my friend David were visiting Svartedalen national park outside of Kungälv. This was the first time for me, David has been there before. The park is quite big, divided into 3 parts.

We selected area B and parked the car at Timmervatten , wandering the blue loop (6 km). The loop were pretty steep at some places.

The autumn colors are now starting to show in the forest. I guess it will be at it`s best within a couple of weeks. This is definitely a place i will visit more in the future.

On my way home i find a nice avenue where I made a quick stop.
The result below!!

Storm chasing

Me and my friend Fredrik was on the 15 september 2019 out in the archipelago of Gothenburg when the storm struck Gothenburg and the west coast of Sweden.

Wind reached about 30 m/s so it was hard to stand upright in the wind.

It is hard to take good pictures when the wind is so strong, hard to get the pictures sharp due to wind/windgusts. .

I got away with some good shots after all.